Sunday Breakfast x 88 Food

This is gonna be your FAFO breakfast! Your chance to be on the very first edition. This breakfast event will happen on sunday the 18 of March. Denise & Nick of 88 Food will host their Sunday Breakfast with delicious breakfast specials from the foodblog. It’s going to be a real cozy & yummy experience, so don’t miss it!

Skip your cheesy sandwich or bowl of cornflakes and come enjoy our Sunday Breakfast with a lot of yumminess:

  • Cold Pressed Juice by Juicy Juice
  • Oreo Heaven Yoghurt
  • Gingerbread French Toasts with a yum sauce
  • Croissant Pudding with Blueberries
  • Chunky Monkey (toast with ricotta, banana, agave syrup, dark chocolate & crushed granola of Naturally Granola)
  • Coffee Special of choice with spekkuk

There’ll be also special sale prices in our foodstore!

Location: FAFO, fluwelen burgwal 1f, Den Haag
Price: 14,50 (including the menu above)
Time: walk in 10:15, 10:30 start
Limited spots, reservation required


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